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Differences between 2020 Civic and 2020 Civic Si?

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020
2020 Civic vs 2020 Civic Si

2020 Honda Civic vs 2020 Honda Civic Si: What’s the Difference?

If your new the Honda family, then the difference between some named models may be unclear. For instance, there appears to be three different types of Civic: the regular Civic, the Civic Si, and the Civic Type R. Not to mention the differences in body styles. There’s a Civic sedan, a Civic hatchback, and a Civic Coupe.

Today, we’ll help clear up some of the differences between the different types of models. Here are the differences between the 2020 Honda Civic Sedan and the 2020 Honda Civic Si.


New Style and Design Features Headed for New Civic Si Coupe and Sedan

Friday, September 20th, 2019
Side view of a red 2020 Honda Civic Si in front of sunset

What’s New in the 2020 Honda Civic Si? 

One of the most stylish vehicles in the Honda lineup, the new Civic Si is an exciting take on the standard new Civic sedan model, with impressive style and fantastic performance. With the new model releasing soon, drivers are excited to learn about the new features and upgrades made to the new Civic Si. So, what’s new in the 2020 Honda Civic Si? 


Photo Gallery of Available Exterior Colors with New Civic Si Coupe

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019
Red 2019 Honda Civic Si Coupe on highway

Color Options for the 2019 Honda Civic Si Coupe 

Taking some cues from the popular Civic sedan, the Civic Si Coupe takes style and performance to another level. In fact, one of the first things car shoppers will surely notice about the new model is its striking design, of course, emphasized further thanks to the many available exterior colors available. Customize your new vehicle with any of these color options for the 2019 Honda Civic Si Coupe.  


Photo Gallery of Colors Available for New Civic Si

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019
Front view of a blue 2019 Honda Civic Si

Color Options for the 2019 Honda Civic Si 

Outside of popular sedans such as the Honda Civic, models such as the Civic Si take the model one step further with exclusive features and performance specs. Since there is so much customization between the Civic family of vehicles with models such as the Civic Sedan, Civic Si or Civic Type R, drivers don’t stop there. That’s why we wanted to highlight the available color options for the 2019 Honda Civic Si.  


See What’s New in the 2019 Civic Si

Friday, November 16th, 2018
Blue and Red 2019 Honda Civic Si models driving on road

Features and Specs of the 2019 Honda Civic Si 

Recently released and adding to the impressive Civic family, the exciting new 2019 Honda Civic Si is finally here. Bringing with it impressive performance, comfort and responsiveness, the Civic Si is designed to be extremely fun to drive. With new upgrades given to the new Si model, we wanted to look at some of the features and specs of the 2019 Honda Civic Si. 


Honda Civic Tour Returns with Exciting Headliner Announcement

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018
Who is headlinging the 2018 Honda Civic Tour text next to Charlie Puth

Who is Headlining the 2018 Honda Civic Tour? 

The Honda Civic Tour is back, baby! Returning for its 17th year now, the Honda Civic Tour has always offered Honda fans and music fans a chance to see some of their favorite bands live in action across the U.S. With more than 5 million fans being entertained with performances from artists such as Maroon 5, Demi Lovato, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy and more over the years, who is headlining the 2018 Honda Civic Tour?  


New Honda Civic Si Shows off Strong Performance 

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017
Can the 2017 Honda Civic Si Perform Well as a Race Car?

Can the 2017 Honda Civic Si Perform Well as a Race Car?

Last month, Shea Racing’s four-car Pirelli World Challenge Touring Car program earn its first win of the season with driving the new Honda Civic Si. A stronger performance model of the standard Civic Sedan, the Civic Si has been put to the racing test. However, can the 2017 Honda Civic Si perform well as a race car?


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