Photo Gallery of Available Exterior Colors for Civic

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Side view of a blue 2019 Honda Civic

Color Options for the 2019 Honda Civic 

One of the most popular sedan models for years, the Civic returns once again with plenty of improvements and enhancements to push the Civic forward. Along with its impressive performance and unique design, the Civic continues to offer strong customization options for drivers interested in a new sedan. Let’s take a look at the available color options for the 2019 Honda Civic. 

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The 2019 Honda Civic is available in the following colors: 

  • Crystal Black 
  • Cosmic Blue 
  • Aegean Blue 
  • Rallye Red 
  • Modern Steel 
  • Lunar Silver 
  • Platinum White 
  • Molten Lava 
Crystal Black2019 Honda Civic in Crystal Black
Cosmic Blue2019 Honda Civic in Cosmic Blue
Aegean Blue2019 Honda Civic in Aegean Blue
Rallye Red2019 Honda Civic in Rallye Red
Modern Steel2019 Honda Civic in Modern Steel
Lunar Silver2019 Honda Civic in Lunar Silver
Platinum White2019 Honda Civic in Platinum White
Molten Lava2019 Honda Civic in Molten Lava

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  1. I have a 2019 honda civic blue sport car. There is a scratch on one of the tire rims. What color are the tire rims so I can buy the correct color paint?

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